E-posters are being introduced for the first time in an IUCr Congress. An e-poster is the soft copy of your poster, which is stored on a laptop and displayed on a large screen connected to the laptop. By typing in your abstract number a visitor can directly display your poster. The visitor can also navigate through a set of menus to reach any e-poster.

IUCr 2017 encourages poster presenters to submit the e-poster version of their poster. While it is not compulsory to submit an e-poster, e-posters do bring increased exposure for your work. All the e-posters will be accessible for all the days of the Congress, whereas a paper poster is displayed only for one day.

There is no additional expense or work required to submit an e-poster. You submit a jpg version of the same softcopy that you submitted for printing. The jpg softcopy should be in vertical (portrait-style) format, ideally 5.00 feet (60 inches or 150 cms) in height and 3.16 feet (38 inches or 96 cm) in width.

Click on the link below to submit your poster softcopy.
E-poster Form: http://eposter.in/iucr2017/form/

Note: All questions about e-posters should be mailed only to iucr2017.eposter@gmail.com