Several poster prizes will be awarded at IUCr 2017. Instructions on how to submit your poster for consideration for one of these prizes will soon be available on this page. This page will list them as and when the information becomes available.

Those Institutions or Companies that would like to award a poster prize may please contact Prof. K Biradha at for further information.

IUCr Journals Poster Prizes:

The IUCr Executive Committee is pleased to continue the series of IUCr Journals awards to be presented at IUCr Congresses. A prize will be awarded to the best poster from a graduate or undergraduate student in each of the following four categories: structural biology, structural chemistry, materials, and instrumentation and methods, and will consist of an IUCr Journals open-access voucher and a certificate.


Worldwide PDB Poster Prize:

The Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB,, which manages the global PDB archive, is pleased to sponsor a poster prize at IUCr 2017. wwPDB partners include the RCSB Protein Data Bank (RCSB PDB,, Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe,, Protein Data Bank Japan (PDBj,, and BioMagResBank (BMRB, Posters from graduate or undergraduate students in the “structural biology” and related category will be considered for the wwPDB poster prize.

The presenter of the best poster will be awarded a wwPDB signed copy of Methods in Enzymology Volume 579.


Oxford Cryosystems Ltd:

The Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize is awarded to the best poster describing applications of or developments in low temperature crystallography. The winner will receive a prize of two hundred and fifty pounds sterling donated by Oxford Cryosystems. The posters should be judged by an independent panel of judges selected by the meeting chair. Oxford Cryosystems does not take a role in the judging panel and has no input whatsoever on the judges decision.


CCDC Poster Prize:

exhibitor-ccdc-logoThe Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre is proud to sponsor poster prizes for young scientists at the 24th Congress of the International Union of Crystallography. CCDC prizes are awarded for original research in chemical crystallography, including advances in instrumental, experimental or computational techniques or applications of small-molecule crystallographic information to work in structural chemistry, molecular modelling, materials design, structural biology or chemical informatics. The awardees should be within 10 years of their final degree and must be the presenting author.


NanoMEGAS Poster Prize:

NanoMEGAS Poster prize is awarded to the two best posters describing applications or developments in the field of electron crystallography in material science. The amount for each poster will be seventy five Euros (75 Euro X 2 posters) and will be given directly to the winners.


Crystal Growth & Design:

The American Chemical Society journal Crystal Growth & Design is sponsoring four poster prizes for early-career scientists at IUCr 2017. The CG&D prizes will be given to scientists who are either students or within 5 years of their terminal degree. The prizes will be awarded for outstanding contributions to the main research areas supported by CG&D, broadly defined as the design, growth, properties, and applications of the crystalline state of matter. Special consideration will be given to posters that directly relate the fundamental or applied nature of the work to Societal need.


Crystal Engineering A Textbook:

The authors of the “Crystal Engineering – A Textbook” are pleased to sponsor five poster awards to the best posters describing crystal engineering studies at IUCr Congress 2017. The winners will each be awarded a copy of the book.


Biomolecular Crystallography:

The author of Biomolecular Crystallography (Bernhard Rupp) and Garland Science are happy to sponsor three poster awards to the best posters under the theme of Biological macromolecules (structure). The winners will each be awarded a copy of the book.


Springer Poster Awards:

Springer is pleased to announce best student poster prizes in four categories, viz., biological macromolecules, structural chemistry, materials, and instrumentation and methods. One prize will be awarded in each subject category. The prizes will consist of Springer ebook vouchers worth EUR 300 each and certificates for the winner.