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    Passion and intrigue weave together the notorious romance of the British Resident in Hyderabad and a Mughal princess


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    An incisive yet lyrical condensation of India’s famed epic, one of the greatest stories ever told


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    A panoramic account of one of the world’s oldest civilizations from the Indus Valley to the digital age


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    A meticulous autobiography from India’s acclaimed CEO ‘with a soul’, that binds history with memoir to expose the colossal failure of Nehruvian socialism and the path that lies ahead


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    Economic prosperity implies intolerance and marginalization and herein lies an impassioned argument for the inclusive growth of India’s poor


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    India’s 11th President and Missile Man, wisely delineates a self-sustainable model for India’s villages


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    Handy hand exercises from ancient India for holistic healing


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    A glimpse into the exemplary life of Mother Teresa, humanitarian extraordinaire


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    A delightful account of the bountiful rains that send India and Indians into a tizzy every year, with clockwork precision


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    Beautiful photographs complement the writing of famous Indians in a kaleidoscope of colour and celebration


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    Skillful vignettes delineate how an India in transition has turned the lives of ordinary people inside out


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    A lavish catalogue that unfolds the cultural confluence of Islamic art in south India


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    India’s celebrated photographer captures the universal through the lens of the particular in a stunning collection of his images


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    A lucid and balanced retracing of the bitter fault lines that erode the two infamously warring nations


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    India as seen through the eyes of the memsahibs who came to a strange land to face hardships and heartbreak in the name of empire


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    Raconteur, savant and theologian Calasso does a star turn in a dazzling retelling of Indian myth


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    The story of the legendary architect and Gandhian from Birmingham who shaped the infinite in India’s spaces


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    Indic sensual overload embraced with wit, humour and absorbing philosophy


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    How the John Company gormandized from 1600, along with the mandate to rule


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    Travelogue meets geopolitics in this riveting argument for the shift of power eastwards


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    A jungle book for now, that showcases the majesty of India’s wild life and its fragile future


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    How Indian musical expression has influenced some of the biggest names in pop, rock and jazz


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    A beautiful introduction to the myth and motif that render India’s temples timeless


  • Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism by Rajiv Malhotra, Harper India 2013
    India’s dharmic and karmic philosophy juxtaposed against Western reductionism and love of order to compelling effect