Connection from Airport to Congress centre (HICC)

By Hired Taxi:
It costs around INR 900 – INR 1100 depending on the hour of travel. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to reach by ORR (Outer Ring Road).

By Pushpak (Airport Liner):
These coaches operates on Airport – Shilparamam – Airport. It would take about 40 mins one way in peak hours and about 30 minutes in less traffic hours. These coaches will run every one hour from Airport, throughout the day, and will cost INR 212.

Connection from Airport to Congress Hotels

LOC, IUCr 2017 has booked decent number of sleeping rooms for delegates attending the congress. The official congress hotels are Novotel Hyderabad (Venue hotel), Trident, Park Hyatt, Avasa, Radisson Blu, Ibis, Ellaa Suites, Best Western Jubilee Ridge and Deccan Serai.

Approximate travelling time and fare for the congress hotels from Airport are:

Hotel Approx. Travel Time Mode of Travel Approx. Fare
    By Airport Coach By Radio Taxi By Airport Coach By Radio Taxi
Novotel Hyderabad 35 Mins INR 212 INR 900
Trident 30 Mins INR 212 INR 850
Park Hyatt 35 Mins   INR 850
Avasa 35 Mins INR 212 INR 850
Radisson Blu 30 Mins INR 212 INR 800
Ibis 35 Mins INR 212 INR 850
Ellaa Suites 30 Mins INR 212 INR 800
Best Western Jubilee Ridge 40 Mins INR 212 INR 875
Deccan Serai 35 Mins INR 212 INR 850


  • The nearest Pushpak point to the Congress centre as well as many of the official congress hotels is located opposite Shilparamam (crafts village) in Cyberabad, Hi-Tech City.
  • There will be additional 25% surcharge between 2300 hrs and 0500 hrs.
  • There will be an extra charge of INR 30 for toll.

Access to Hyderabad by Train:

Frequency of trains from various cities – Secunderabad/Hyderabad is well connected by train network. Trains are available from Delhi (Telangana, Rajdhani), Mumbai (Hussain Sagar Exp.), Howrah (East Coast Exp., Falaknuma Exp.), Chennai (Chennai Express), Vishakapatnam (Godavari Exp., Falaknuma Exp. East Coast Exp.), Bengaluru (Garib rath, Bengaluru Exp.), Tirupati (Narayanadri, Venkatadri, Rayalaseema Exp.), Trivandrum (Sabari Express), and Manmad (Ajanta Exp.). Most of these trains run daily between these cities

Number of Train Stations
Hyderabad and Secunderabad jointly have three railway stations, namely Nampally Railway Station, Secunderabad Railway Station and Kacheguda Railway Station. Trains run from all three stations to many of the major cities/capitals of the country almost every day.

Connection from Train Stations to Congress Centre
From any of these three railway stations, taxis/cabs can be hired to reach congress centre (from Secunderabad – INR 350, Nampally – INR 350. and Kacheguda – INR 400). The other option is to take MMTS train to reach Hi-Tech city station. An auto-rickshaw can be taken from there to reach Congress centre. This would cost INR 60.

Connection from Train Stations to Hotels
Delegates who once arrive at any of these three stations in twin cities can book a cab/taxi and reach their hotel. It would cost INR 10-12 per km depending on the cab booked.

Peak traffic hoursThe peak traffic hours are 0900 – 1100 Hrs and 1800 – 2100 Hrs in the areas like Punjagutta, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Ameerpet, Koti, Begumpet, Kukatpally. Rest of the time traffic is manageable.

Transportation within the City
Public transport comprises transport buses and metro railways to reach suburbs. Buses ply across the twin cities frequently. Buses are well connected to all parts of the city. The metro trains also connect most parts of the city and are fast. While travelling with family, you can either hire an auto-rickshaw (minimum fare is INR 14.00) or use a call taxi for longer distances (especially if travelling in odd times). Taxis/Cabs are available at any time and city buses are available from 0500 Hrs to 2300 Hrs.

Fare for Meru/Easy Cabs
INR 21 per km; minimum INR 40, which include the first 2 km travelled. Waiting charges @ INR 1 per minute in the day and @ INR 1.5 per minute in the late hours. 25% night surcharge is applicable between 2300hrs to 0500hrs.

Ola/Uber Cabs
The Ola/Uber cabs are the easiest to book in the city. There are different types of cab services ranging from economic to luxury travel. These cabs are reserved through a mobile app. These cabs supports both cash and cashless payment options. A mini cab will be charged at INR 45 as base fare and then on INR 8 per km. Ride time fare will be charged additionally at INR 1.00 per minute